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Building Back Better Grand Bahama 2020

Building Back Better Grand Bahama after Dorian 2020

In collaboration with
University of the Bahamas

Fransje Hooimeijer (Urbanism)
Frans van de Ven (Water Management)
Job Schroën (Architecture)
Robert Lanzafame (Hydraulic Engineering)

Interdisciplinary group
Federico Ortiz Velásquez (Architecture)
Petra Grgic (Urbanism)
Tolga Özdemir (Building Technology)
Piet Storm (Water management)
Laura van der Hucht (Water management)
Chris Hoogervorst (Hydraulic engineering)

Context of the project

This project is organized with the aim for interdisciplinary and international cooperation. The interdisciplinary goal within the University of Technology Delft, is not only about the connection between the faculty of CITG and A+BE (hydraulic engineering and urbanism) but also establish cooperation in CiTG among hydraulic engineering, urban water management, transportation, structural and geotechnical engineering and in A+BE between urbanism, architecture, management, building technology and landscape architecture to create integrated learning and developing. The international cooperation is about maintaining knowledge exchange and develop ties between researchers and the universities at TU Delft and international.

Building Back Better Bahamas

Students and staff visited the Bahama’s in the first week of February and participated in an intensive workshop together with students and staff of the University of Bahamas. Here are the presentations that explain the plans that are interdisciplinary and forsee a resilient future for Grand Bahama.

Presentation of the overall strategy click here 

Presentation of the Airport project click here 

Presentation of the Out of Town Campus click here 

Presentation of the In Town Campus click here 

Project Report click here