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Wild Geographies

Wild geographies

Reporting space, time and everyday life in the Delta is an itinerant film club that investigates the natural, social, and spatial transitions of the Netherlands before and after the execution of the Delta Works by means of motion pictures.

The documentary of the screening Wild Geographies shows how water engineering projects have affected the landscape and the people of Tiengemeten. The subsequent talk focuses on the interconnections between nature, technology and individuals.

16 November 2023 – 16.00-18.00

studio 06, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft

Film screening:

Weemoed en Wildernis, Digna Sinke, 2010

Debate moderated by Sophia Arbara and Luca Iuorio [department of Urbanism, TUD] with Digna Sinke [film director] and Marilena Mela [Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam].


The Project is funded by the Climate Action Program and organized within the context of the Delta Urbanism research group, the Delta Futures Lab, the section of Environmental Technology and Design of the department of Urbanism, TU Delft. The project is run in collaboration with the Eye Filmmuseum of Amsterdam.

Edited by Luca Iuorio, Sophia Arbara, Carissa Champlin, Feike Smithuis, Amber Coppens, Merel Garritsen, TU Delft


Reporting the Delta