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Transform by Design

The Netherlands awaits a century of transformation. Transformation addressing our climate, biodiversity and resource crises. We cannot tackle the challenges that await us with the methods of the past that bolstered them: incremental sectoral adaptation needs to give way to transformative modes of governance and transdisciplinary strategies. Opposite to incremental change that adapts from the past, transformation adapts to the future. Transformative change requires the design of new futures that guide and empower transformation. The climate, biodiversity and resource crises all reveal a strong spatial dimension that offers opportunities for transdisciplinary integration on spatial entities like deltas, cities, and landscapes.

In this contribution, we propose to use the power of spatial design in synchronically tackling these challenges and present a research project that aims to develop, validate and tool Transform by Design as a necessary complement to current policy development at the national level.

Interested to read more? Find the article on the Delta Links publication of June 2021

Dr. ir. Jos Timmermans (Policy Analysis, Technology & Management, Delft University of Technology)

Dr. ir. Joep Storms (Applied Geology, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology)

Dr. ir. Jantsje van Loon (Water Systems and Global Change, Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University & Research)

Dr. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin (Urban Design Theory and Methods, Delta Urbanism Research Group, Delft University of Technology)

Dr. José Antonio Alvarez Antolinez (Coastal Engineering Sciences, Delft University of Technology)

Prof. dr. Frank van Oort (Applied Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Kristian Koreman (founding partner, ZUS)