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Spatial Adaptive Policy Pathways

Spatial Adaptive Policy Pathways for Climate Adaptation Planning

Case Study Haven-Stad, Amsterdam

Climate change requires the integration of climate adaptation in the development and preservation of urban areas. However, the current spatial design and planning practice is not well adapted to the uncertainties associated with climate change and does not go far enough to consider the long-term future. In this article, the Spatial Adaptive Policy Pathways approach is introduced as an approach to support climate adaptation planning.

Interested to read more? Find the article on the Delta Links publication of December 2021

Ir. Lisa Lieftink (Architecture and the Built Environment; Civil Engineering and Geosciences, TU Delft)

With special thanks to Martine Rutten and Rex Steward for their feedback and support in writing this article.

For more information, see the MSc thesis in the TU Delft Repository: