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NEED: what are the effects?

Northern European Enclosure Dam: what are the effects?

The future of the North Sea if climate mitigation fails

Many low-lying densely populated areas and important economical regions in Europe are threatened by sea level rise. A possible solution was proposed by Groeskamp & Kjellson (2020): to build a massive dam closing off the North Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. This article explores the consequences of this drastic measure. Tidal elevations and currents would reduce, which limits sediment transport. Besides this, the basin would freshen and water temperature differences would increase. Moreover, the consequences for the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO world heritage site, are presented.

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TU Delft Civil Engineering MSc. students Carlijn Meijers. Charlotte van Strien, Freek Kollaard, Irene van der Veer and Laura de Vries, supervised by Dr. Sjoerd Groeskamp (Tenure track Scientist, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and Dr. Ir. Martine Rutten (Associate Professor of Water Management, Delft University of Technology) | June 2021