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Designing solutions for adapting the shores of the Oosterscheldt estuary to extreme sea level rise


The Oosterschelde estuary is extremely sensitive to sea level rise: more than a meter of sea-level rise dramatically changes the morphodynamics and its ecosystem and affects the resilience of coastal communities that mostly rely on fishing and recreation. Until now little attention has been paid to the opportunities that may arise from adapting to these changes. What solutions to adapt to extreme water levels also offers added value for
nature development, sustainable aquaculture and recreation, freshwater supply, and, above all, for improvement of the overall liveability of the area?

To achieve this, Rijkswaterstaat Sea and Delta, the Province of Zeeland, the municipalities of Noord-Beveland and Schouwen-Duiveland and the knowledge community Oosterschelde have taken the initiative for a design study. The project uses design research methods to visualize and design new opportunities to adapt to extreme sea-level rise for two coastal
case study areas along the Oosterschelde.

Invitation kick-off meeting November 4

The multidisciplinary design study is structured around 3 workshop days (Kick-off in November, workshops in January and May) and invites MSc students with a background in landscape architecture, civil engineering, coastal engineering, aqua technology and marine ecology. The students are expected to contribute to the workshop days and participate in fieldtrips, and to use the input and the network of the workshop to develop their thesis graduation projects. The project starts with a scoping workshop on november 4th at the National Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk. Please drop a line to Peter or Martine for more information and to register for the kick-off meeting.

More information:
Peter van Veelen: petervanveelen@burowaterfront.nl / 06-21468246
Martine Rutten: M.M.Rutten@tudelft.nl