The lab offers a platform for students interested in interdisciplinary design connected to practice. For TUDelft students the tailor-made projects are embedded in existing education curriculum with the aim to enforce interdisciplinary design research and education in the TU Delft. The research program of the three connected faculties A+BE (Delta Urbanism group) CiTG (Water management, Hydraulic engineering, Geo engineering and Transport) and TPM offers collaboration with students and practice.There are 3 models for collaboration: in the lab specific research lines, research projects and educational projects are set up.



Delta 21

Research line model
The research line is ongoing and connects graduation projects from students of different disciplines over the years and in collaboration with long term partners. There will be groups formed around topics in the lab and there will be the Transitional Territory Lab that offers a more in-deep methodological approach.  Transitional Territories Graduation Studio (A); TPM Graduation (TPM) 30 ETC; CiTG Graduation (CiTG) 40 ETC.




Japan: Tsunami reconstruction Otsuchi 2018/19

Research project model
The specific research projects are short term and are organized to support interdisciplinary conditions, process and outcomes. In these projects students that participate in the Honours IE Design Projects (CiTG + A) 9 ETC50 ETC; MDP Projects (CiTG + A) 10 ETC; Additional Thesis(CiTG) 10 ETC;




Houston: Pluvial flooding and changing infrastructure 2019

Educational Model
The course Infrastructure and Environment Design based at A+BE offers interdisciplinary education projects in Q4. These projects are set up with international and national partners and have the intention to collaborate in a explorative way before reaching the graduation year. The course can be done by all students for 12 ects (AR0086) and 3 etcs (AR0093). It is also possible to collaborate as part of MDP Projects (CiTG) 10 ETC or  Additional Thesis (CiTG) 10 ETC; 




Student experience
Are you interested in joining one of the thematic groups of the Delta Futures Lab? Deltalinks has published an article about the experience of students and coaches about working on large-scale solutions for the drought in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Read it here






Propose new project?
New projects that fit in the mission of the Lab are very welcome. Just contact us and we’ll discuss how you can participate.

What do we offer?
• Lectures on the state-of-the-art and state of the future developments of deltas
• A network of highly qualified researchers and professionals to support your design and research activities
• A community of students that will form the future generation of delta leaders
• Training in research-by-design
• Individual and group coaching

What do we expect?
• Research/design interest in deltas and open to interdisciplinary exchange
• Organise at least one interactive and interdisciplinary working session for fellow students, university staff and professionals
• Present progress at least once during lunch seminar
• Help in the organization of the annual DeltaFutures Symposium
• Make a website contribution of the research results and upload full thesis to public Repository
• Preferably in the Master thesis phase, Master projects and Bachelor final projects (also Hogeschool) can be allowed.


Contact persons for projects are:

Martine Rutten for general information and applications.

Fransje Hooimeijer for Architecture & the Built Environment
Jos Timmermans for Technology, Policy & Management
Martine Rutten for Civil Engineering