Delta Futures Lab webinars

On future challenges of Delta regions


The next webinar will be in the next academic year (September 2023)

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Lecture series 2022-2023



March 24th                     ||  Defensity College                           Civil-military cooperation on water safety
March 17th                     ||  Evert-Jan Velzing                           Urban Innovation – Collaborating for circular, healthy and nearby living environment
March 3rd                       ||  Dr. Ir. Michaël van Buuren              Investigative Landscape Design; a characterization of the methodology that resulted in the                                                                                                                     Netherlands in 2120 perspective

February 24th                 ||  Cas Goselink                                  Perspectives on the IJssel: A Delft design approach on widening solution space
February 17th                 ||  Carola Hein                                    Adaptive Strategies for Former Oil Port Areas 

January 20th                   ||  Holger Schüttrumpf                       Experiences and Observations from the Flood Disaster 2021 in Germany
January 13th                   ||  Gijs Hendrickx                               Machine learning and Building with Nature: A match made in heaven? 


December 16th               ||  Thijs Vrinds                                    The adaptive design approach
December 9th                 ||  Tang Luu, Nguyen Sylvie tram & Ellen Minkman              Mekong Delta
December 2nd                ||  Pieter Jacobs                                 Delta Program Rijnmond-Drechtsteden: Safe Living in the Dutch Delta, now and in the future? 

November 10th                ||  De deltacommissaris                     Nationaal Deltacongres*
*Not organised by DFL, see: (mail us if you want to join)

October 28th                    ||  Fransje Hooimeijer                        Redesigning Deltas
October 21th                   ||  Sabrina Helmyr                              Waterproblems and climateadaptation in Limburg and surroundings
October 13 & 15th           ||  LDE PortCityFutures Center organizes                                                                Symposium 150 Jaar Nieuwe Waterweg*
*Not organised by DFL, see:
October 11 & 12th           || pbl                                                    Seminar River Basins and Deltas*
*Not organised by DFL, see:
October 14th                   || Pieter Jacobs                                   Deltaprogramm Rijnmond-Drechtsteden
October 7th                     || Tom van der Wekken                       Ports and Inland Shipping in the Rhine Meuse Estuary

Lecture series 2021-2022



April 21st            ||  Redesigning Deltas, Frank van Oort                          Masterclass economy
April 8th              ||  Huub Lavooij                                         Delta 21: one idea, three solutions

March 25th         || –
March 18th         || Seminar Urban Water Management
March 11th         ||  Fransje Hooimeijer                           Redesigning Deltas – introduction
March 4th           ||  Luca Velo                                         Venice Lagoon. Framing the water and the city

February 25th      ||  Ellen Minkman                                 Un-Dutching the Delta Approach
February 18th      ||  Riccardo Riva                                 Evidence of acceleration in sea-level rise in the North Sea
February 11th     ||  Niels Welsch                                     Reducing erosion in the river Waal: dealing with uncertainty

January 28th      ||  –
January 21st      ||  Dirk Sijmons                                     Room for the Rivier
January 14th      ||  Lieke Brackel                                    Addressing questions of justice in delta management with the Capability Approach


December 17th  || –
December 10th  || Remko Uijlenhoet  (Matchmaking event Transitional Territories)
December 3rd    ||  –

November 26th  ||  Wenchi Yang and Naomi Herbert      Living with/without water
November 19th  ||  MDP Group Venice                            Venice and the lagoon: Two new visions 
November 12th  ||  Launch student challenge Panorama New Netherlands Led by Henk Nieboer
November 5th    ||  Ferod Islam                                         Flooding to stay afloat

October  29th     ||  Andy van den Dobbelsteen                Surviving the climate crisis by planning and design
October 22nd     ||  Stefan Aarninkhof                              Nature-based solutions along sandy shorelines
October 15th      ||  Saskia van Vuren                                Future challenges in the Meuse: knowledge of the system as a base for a good perspective of action
October 8th        ||  Luca Iuorio                                        The Implicit Project of Infrastructures
October 1st         ||  Mischa Keijser                                   Observations in the flooded areas around Liege, Belgium / August 2021

September 24th  ||  Nanco Dolman                                  How water challenges can shape tomorrow’s cities
September 17th  ||  Matthijs Kok                                      Limburg Factfinding
September 10th  ||  Bart van Kessel, Ruben Speelman,      Saltwater Intrusion in the Cai River; Analysing the Problem and its Possible Drivers                                                                               Tycho Kockelkorn & Thomas Wierikx       


Previous Webinars


June 25th           ||  Joannes Visser           Creating a New Perspective by Integrating Frames Through Design
June 18th           ||  Pablo Arecco             Hydraulic Engineering Infrastructures in Argentina
June 11th           ||  Tatiana Filatova         Computational models of adaptive human behaviour in face of environmental hazards
June 4th             ||  Willem van Deursen  Images tell a story to

May 28th           ||  Umme Kulsum          Supporting Adaptive Delta Management: Systematic Exploration of Community Livelihood Adaptation as Uncertainty
May 21st            ||  Bor van der Scheer    The effect of climate change, a new hydropower dam and irrigation development on salt intrusion in the Gambia estuary
May 7th             ||  Bramka Jafino            Model-based support for inclusive adaptation planning in the Vietnam Mekong Delta

April 30th          ||  Tim van Emmerik        The origin of the Plastic Soup
                          ||  Khoa Thi                     Monitoring of plastics in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
April 23th          ||  Sadie McEvoy             How is Europe Planning for Sea Level Rise?
April 16th          ||  Mikaël Waterdrinker   Flooding in Oaxaca: the Río de los Perros
                          ||  Tecnológico de Monterrey students: Ariadna García Guzmán, Erendira Elizabeth Hilario Hernández, Pamela Tuccella Ramírez & Karla Verónica Cantú González

March 26th        ||  Ronald Waterman      Aquapuncture
March 19th        ||  Cas Goselink, Joost Ziere & Laura de Vries        Riverine Climate Adaptation Strategies for Rhine and IJssel
March 12th        ||  Leon Hermans           Monitoring for adaptive delta management: A multi-actor perspective
March 5th          ||  Bas Borsje                  LIVING DIKES ‐ Realising Resilient and Climate‐Proof Coastal Protection

February 26th    ||  Seleshi Yalew             Distributive Justice and SDGs in Transboundary Rivers: Case of the Nile Basin
February 19th    ||  Chris Zevenbergen    Shifting Time Horizons in Urban Flood Risk Management: Opportunities and Challenges to Increase Resilience
February 12th    ||  Saskia van Vuren       
Sneak Preview Programme integrated River Management: System-related issues that need to be solved for sustainable multi-functional use of the Dutch river system in the future

January 29th       ||  Han Meyer                 The Rhine mouth as an estuary
January 22nd      ||  Carlijn Meijers, Charlotte van Strien, Freek Kollaard, Irene van der Veer & Laura de Vries
                                                                 An analysis on the effect of the Northern European Enclosure Dam
January 15th       ||  Robert van Roijen       Building Climate Adaptive, The challenges we are facing in the building industry amid Climate change

December 18th  ||  Erik van Berchum         Rapid flood risk screening model for compound flood events in Beira, Mozambique
December 11th  ||  David Steffelbauer       Monitoring for timely adaptation to sea-level rise: The likelihood of an acceleration based on tide-gauge data
December 4th    ||  Ronald Waterman        Integrated Coast & Delta Zone Development

November 27th  ||  Sjoerd Groeskamp       Northern European Enclosure Dam
November 20th  ||  Frans Klijn                    The development of the Rhine River’s flood management: past, current and future issues
November 13th  ||  Fransje Hooimeijer      Interdisciplinary project-based education on urban infrastructure development
November   6th  ||  Philip Minderhoud       Rise and Fall Subsidence existential threat to Mekong delta

October     30th  ||  Ellen Minkman             Exporting the Dutch approach in delta management: opportunities and treats for sustainable impact
October     23rd  ||  Michael van Buuren     Designing the rivers of the dutch delta
October     16th  ||  Hessel Voortman          The curious case of Greenland. A critical view on climate and sea levels
October       9th  ||  Jack Amezs                   Urban projects of The Hague
October       2nd ||  Mark Voorendt             Design methodology Integration of spatial design and engineering

September  25th ||  Joep Storms                 High end sea level rise: russian roulette or planned approach?
September  18th ||  Geert van der Meulen  New Netherlands
September  11th ||  Bas Jonkman                Adaptation to sea level rise: keep calm and adapt